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Standard Account

GKFX Prime standard accounts offer you an easy and secure trading environment with a leverage of up to 400:1.

Explore Our Trading Platforms

We understand that diversification may be part of your risk management strategy and that is why we offer multiple products and instruments on MT4. You can trade a variety of instruments including currency pairs, gold and silver.

We also offer a range of index and commodity CFDs on our Classic account, one of the various MT4 account options that we have to suit traders’ requirements from beginner to professional level.

Key Features

  • Spreads (from 1,5 pips)
  • Minimum lot (0,01)
  • Minimum account opening deposit (0)
  • Maximum deposit (no limits)
  • Maximum trade size (in lots) (50 lots for each instrument, for each execution)
  • Maximum open lot (as much as your margin allows)
  • Maximum open trade number (no limits)
  • Leverage (up to 400:1)
  • Rollover (Swap)
  • Instruments (Forex, CFD’s, Indicies, Commodities)
  • Minimum withdrawal amount ( no limits for cards, e-wallets & bank transfers)
  • Fund deposit options (all methods GKFX Prime offers)
  • Fund withdrawal options (all methods GKFX Prime offers)
  • Account currency (USD)
  • Support (Daily bulletins, Trading Central, Autochartist, Customer Represantative )


Semua produk finansial yang ditransaksikan dalam sistem margin mempunyai resiko tinggi terhadap dana Anda. Produk finansial ini tidak diperuntukkan bagi semua investor dan Anda bisa saja kehilangan dana lebih dari deposit awal anda. Pastikan bahwa Anda benar benar mengerti resikonya dan mintalah nasihat independen jika diperlukan. Lihat Pemberitahuan Resiko, Ketentuan Bisnis dan Kebijakan Privasi