Spread Betting



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Spread Betting

 You can try out the features and experience the benefits of the MT4 platform for Spread Betting trading.

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We understand that diversification may be part of your risk management strategy and that is why we offer multiple products and instruments on MT4. You can trade a variety of instruments including currency pairs, gold and silver.

We also offer a range of index and commodity CFDs on our Spread Betting account, one of the various MT4 account options that we have to suit traders’ requirements from beginner to professional level.

Key Features

  • Spreads (from 1.5* pips)
  • Min Trade Size (0.10p)
  • Up to 100:1 leverage
  • +105 FX Currencies 
  • Shares
  • Futures
  • +500 Equity CFDs
  • Indicies 
  • WebTrader
  • Expert Advisors
  • Metatrader 4
  • Back Testing


所有使用保證金交易的金融產品都具有高風險。它們並非適合所有投資者,您的損失可能超過您的初始投資金額。請確認您完全瞭解相關風險,如有需要,請尋求專業意見。 查看風險警告全文。