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Trading Central

Would you like to get technical market analysis from experts before you start trading?

How about top-notch tools and indicators to guide your trading experience, custom-tailored by industry professionals?

GKFX customers enjoys these perks via Trading Central’s award-winning research and analysis team.

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    Install and plugin directly to your MetaTrader platform

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    Find out why you get that particular advice

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    Automatically scans and analyzes the markets constantly

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    Forex, S&P, DJI30, Nasdaq, Gold & Oil markets are covered


Every analysis published within Analyst Views offers investors an actionable, concise trading plan. Signals are updated every 2 hours,giving up to 12 updates on each Forex pair, making the product a powerful tool for generating trade ideas. Meanwhile, the clear trend lines, key levels and concise nature of the instrument’s technical scenario enable investors to interpret the analysis in a timely manner and act immediately if required.

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    Trendlines The price targets show you what you stand to gain. The blue pivot line marks when a trend is reversed, to help manage risk. In this example, the price is expected to decline.
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    The alternative scenario The blue stop line here marks when the market trend is reversed so you can prepare for what is to come.
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    Simple Lookup You can use the bar for simple idea generation across all CFDs covered.
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    How to interpret the research Investors spend a lot of time on the charts! It is important to grasp the knowledge of how to interpret them and their commentaries.

Trading Central’s Alpha Generation Indicators ‘Patent Recognition’ technology, combined with independent advisers provide you a unique perspective and insight on market trends.

You will trade easier and make informed decisions with the help of an advanced charting package, along with technical indicators, seeing a clearer picture of the markets.

Take a closer look at TC Alpha Generation Indicators:

How to Use Trading Central Plugin
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    Analyst Views See what professionals expect today from the markets and get inspired for your next trading strategy. Analyst View offers several updates every day for each product. You can put the indicator on charts and start using immediately!
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    Adaptive Candlesticks Using candle sticks for your charts? Then you will love this indicator! It scans for 16 patterns on your charts and provides informative comments about them. It also tells how to interpret the emerging patterns and most likely outcomes.
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    Adaptive Divergence Convergence (ADC) A powerful tool for short-term traders and scalpers… Adaptive Divergence Convergence (ADC) labels spot trading opportunities. It suggests support points and likely exit levels. You can check moving averages and notice confirmed trends as well.


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