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Trading precious metals is an attractive option for all investors. Trading gold or silver with leverage presents unique
opportunities. You can profit both from long & short positions - no extra fees.


We offer deep liquidity and lower spreads for gold and silver spots. Our trading conditions reflect your direct access to top
world markets with a superb selection. Traders prefer precious metals for lucrative trade
opportunities based on latest economic developments.

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How are the commodity prices determined?

The prices are subject to international economic and political events. Countries producing these raw materials and goods obviously have a larger impact on the prices. However, like any other asset, the main factor is supply & demand relation. As the assets are paired against it, the price of the U.S. Dollar also plays a huge role in the commodities market. The weather conditions and seasonal changes may impact the prices as well.

How to trade commodities

To start trading commodities with GKFX Prime, all you need is to sign up for a free trading account. You will get instant access to top commodity markets worldwide and begin to trade immediately, wherever you are. You get a wide selection of products to trade as spots or futures. Don’t have enough experience or free time to trade commodities? Consider copying working strategies from top traders or joining our social trading program instead.


What are Commodities?

Commodities are trading assets grouped under three categories: energy, metal and agricultural. Instead of physically buying these assets, you can profit by trading CFDs on their prices. Agricultural products such as coffee, wheat and sugar are called ‘soft commodities’ whereas gold, silver and oil are considered hard commodities.

Why trade commodities?

CFD markets, especially Forex, can be quite volatile with charts full of twists, turns and zigzags. On the other hand, commodity prices tend to keep trends for longer periods. With careful analysis and practice, traders can start profiting with commodities regularly. Forex traders will find commodities as an effective means to diversify their portfolio. Also, you don’t purchase commodities physically, you simply speculate on their prices. As a result, you are shielded from unforeseen complications in the market such as logistics of commodities.


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