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GKFX Prime serves clients in more than 20 countries, speaking 12 languages to provide the best customer
experience. We are working hard to shape the future of financial technologies industry.


GKFX Prime was born in 2012. It quickly secured a top place among the best brokers in the world with innovation and world-class customer service. The company relies heavily on the know-how of its parent structure, Global Kapital Group which has extensive experience with brokerage, alternative finance and banking solutions.


Ever since its foundation, GKFX Prime has strived to reach four corners of the world, carrying its global experience along; always learning and improving... The company’s success relies on two unique and priceless assets: innovative technology and skilled local employees.


We aim to satisfy the changing customer needs with the best service possible. We realize the huge responsibility of being your trading partner and we work hard to meet the expectations. Delivering constant innovation and excellent customer service is our key principle.


We strive to give you the best trading conditions for over 400 products in the world’s top financial markets. Our lightning-fast trading platforms have so far processed over 300 Million client transactions with accuracy, in milliseconds.

To meet every trader’s needs, we provide several account types, plenty of instruments and different investment options such as copy trading. Our expert support team serves in 12 languages, 24 hours and 5 days. Fast execution, competitive spreads and excellent support are the golden rules that we uphold.


GKFX Prime is regulated and inspected by British Virgin Islands’ financial authority named Financial Services Commission (BVIFSC). Formed in 2002, the independent authority examines and supervises the financial activities including trade, insurance and banking to provide a safe and transparent environment for clients and the market.

You can see a copy of GKFX Prime’s license on BVIFSC’s website, following the
link here under company number 1728826.


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