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At GKFXPrime we endeavour to educate our customers to the best of our ability.

  • Forex education package chart patterns
    Forex price patterns chart
    Forex trend continuation patterns
    Forex chart patterns with triangles
    Forex descending triangles chart
    Forex ascending triangles chart
    Forex ascending triangles chart
    Forex pennant chart pattern
    Forex flags chart pattern
    Forex flagpole chart pattern

    Chart Patterns

    Chart pattern analysis can be used to make short-term or long-term forecasts.
    The chart can be intraday, daily, weekly or monthly.
    The patterns can vary; ranging from as short as one day or as long as many years. 

  • GKFXPrime education package forex candlestick charts
    Forex candlestick chart type
    Forex candlestick doji
    Forex candlestick with reversal patterns
    Forex candlestick hammer and hanging man reversal indications
    Forex candlestick with bullish and bearish engulfing patterns
    Forex candlestick with harami reversal signals patterns
    Forex candlestick with harami cross
    Forex candlestick with dark cloud cover pattern
    Forex candlestick with morning and evening doji star

    Candle Sticks

    Candlesticks is a type of chart that provides asset value at open, high, low and close of a specific time frame.
    The wide part of the candlestick is called the 'real body'.
    The real body represents the range between the open and close price.

  • GKFXPrime education package forex strategies
    Forex strategies expert tips icon
    Forex strategies expert tips news trading icons
    Forex strategies up and down trend chart
    Forex strategies intra and overnight trading
    Forex strategies up swing trade
    Forex strategies up scalping


    Trading strategies are based on fundamental or technical analysis, but don’t forget that the markets are not 100% predictable.
    If you have limited time to analyse the market in detail you can follow some experts.

  • GKFXPrime education package moving averages
    Forex charts with moving averages
    Forex charts with simple moving averages
    Forex charts with exponential MAs
    How to use exponential MAs chart
    Forex charts with moving average crossover
    Forex charts with downwards crossover
    Forex moving averages summary icons

    Moving Averages

    Moving Averages are the most common used technical indicator in technical analysis which consist of the average close of a certain time
    frame.There are 2 popular types, Simple and Exponential Moving averages.

  • GKFX education package pivot points
    Forex pivot points chart
    How to calculate pivot points chart
    Forex pivot points


    Pivots simply represents the average price of the open,high,low and close of a certain time frame.
    Pivots mostly used to calculate alternative support and resistance levels similar to trend line analysis.

  • GKFXPrime education package reversal patterns
    Reversal patterns chart with double top
    Reversal patterns chart with double top
    Reversal patterns chart with triple tops and bottoms
    Reversal patterns chart with head and shoulders
    How to trade head and shoulders chart
    Detailed head and shoulders chart

    Reversal Patterns

    Trend reversal patterns appear at the end of the trends and signals the loss of momentum.


All financial products traded on margin carry a high degree of risk to your capital. They are not suited to all investors and you can lose more than your initial deposit. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary. See our full Risk Warning on our Terms of Business and our Privacy Policy.