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Follower Offer (for Followers)


The Follower Offer makes possible for the Follower to suggest his/her own parameters when none of PAMM Account Offers satisfies him/her. The Follower can create an Offer with the desirable parameters and send a request to the PAMM Account Master. If the Master accepts the offer, it is added to the PAMM Account list of Offers and the Follower joins the Offer in the Following Rollover.

To create Follower Offer, follow these steps:

1. Log in to PAMM website, then on the main menu click Follower.

2. Choose the PAMM Account (for more information about choosing the account, see Rating).

Note! The Follower can create an Offer only if he/she didn't join any Offer of the chosen PAMM Account.

3. Click Create Follower Offer

4. Fill in all Offer parameters (for more information about Offer parameters, see Offer Parameters).

5. Enter the assignment sum in the Amount box. The indicated amount is immediately revoked from the Follower Customer Account and converted to the PAMM Account currency. If the Master declines the Offer, the amount is converted back and credited to the Follower Customer Account.

Note! The value of the Amount box can`t be less than the value of the Initial Assignment box.

6. In the Expiration Date box choose the date till which the Follower Offer is valid. If the Master doesn't accept or decline the Offer by the date, it is automatically rejected during the Rollover.

7. Click Create.

To delete Follower Offer, follow these steps:

1. Log in to PAMM website and click Follower on the main menu.

2. In the Follower Accounts table click the PAMM Account of your choice.

3. In the Current Request table select the Offer of your choice.

4. Click Delete Selected Requests.

Note! The Follower can delete his/her Offer as long as it is not accepted by the Master.

If the Master accepts the Offer, the join request is automatically created. The request is displayed in the Processed Requests table on the PAMM Account page.



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