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Follower Statement


The Follower Statement allows the Follower monitoring the trading activity on the Follower Account. The Balance operations (including fees) are also reflected in Follower Statement.

Follow these steps to generate the Follower Statement:

1. Log in to PAMM website, then on the main menu click Follower.

2. In the Follower Accounts table, find the Offer of your choice and click Statements.

3. Select the interval for the statement generation. Available intervals are:

  • Current Week
  • Previous Week
  • Current Month
  • Previous Month
  • Another Interval

4. Click Recalculate.

All trades that were opened/closed within Rollovers are shown in Statements with ticket numbers, correspond to Master orders:

All balance operations (including fees) are shown in Statement as follows:

As all positions are settled at Rollover (e.g. Rollover is at 1:10 PM) and reopened, the closing price and opening price are the same for the order:

If multiple orders for the some financial instrument are opened on the Follower Account, the orders are closed during the Rollover and reopened considering the resulted total volume for the financial instrument. The volume of the resulted position is equal to a difference between volumes:

If orders are opposite and have equal volumes (Rollover is at 10:55 AM):

If orders have different volumes (Rollover is at 2:15 PM):

Note! Hedged and reopened positions are visible in Statement after Following Rollover.



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