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How to become a Follower Account holder?


To become a Follower Account holder, a user must accept a Master Offer of one of PAMM Accounts provided that he/she has sufficient funds available on the Customer Account. Accepting the Offer, the Follower makes a request to assign funds from the Customer Account to the Follower Account. Follow these steps to become Follower account holder:

1. Log in to PAMM website, then on the main menu click PAMM Accounts to see available PAMM Accounts (click Active Offers only to review the list of PAMM Accounts with active Offers):

Sort the rating of PAMM Accounts to find the most attractive account for joining (for more information on PAMM Account rating, see Rating)

2. To view detailed information about this account, click the PAMM Name.

3. To the left of the chart, click Join.

4. In the Offers table, choose the Offer and click Join.

5. Make sure you have read and understood the Offer Parameters.

6. In the Amount box, enter the sum of initial assignment. Entered value must be greater or equal to the value of the Initial Assignment.

7. Choose the Date to Execute if necessary (default value is the current date).

8. Read and accept the PAMM Account Service Regulations document and click Submit Request. The request is processed during the Current Rollover.

In addition, any Follower can add a PAMM Account to the Watched Accounts table. To add the PAMM Account to the Watched list, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the PAMM website, then on main menu click PAMM Accounts to see available PAMM Accounts.

2. In the PAMM Accounts rating click the name of the account.

3. After the PAMM account page is opened, click Add to Favorite.

The chosen PAMM Account is added to the Watched Accounts table (to open the table, click Followeron the main menu).

If the Master specified the link to the discussion web-page for contacting with him/her, upon clicking Discuss you will be redirected to the forum page.



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