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How to open a PAMM Account and become a Master


To become PAMM Master follow these steps:

  • Log in to PAMM website and click Open PAMM.
  • Fill in the registration form to create a PAMM Account.
  • Customer Account – a valid and verified trading account from which funds are debited to the PAMM account.
  • Account Name — the name of the PAMM Account that is used in PAMM Account Rating. Account name may outline Master's trading strategy.
  • Account Type – type of the Account (PAMM STP or PAMM ECN).
  • Account Currency – currency of Account.
  • Phone Password — any word or a combination of words that is used to verify Master's identity.
  • Repeat Phone Password - confirm the phone password.
  • Assignment to Master Capital — the size of the Master Capital. Master Capital may not be reduced and/or revoked during the Trading Interval, except for the case of PAMM Account liquidation.
  • Rollover Time – time of Rollover (Note! Master can set any time of Rollover).
  • Freeze Time – the time period preceding the Rollover within which no request are accepted from the Master or the Follower to be processed during Current Rollover.
  • Frequency of Follower's Trading Reports Publications — specifies how often the Follower Statement is updated. Possible values are “daily”, “weekly”, “monthly” or “quarterly”.
  • Select the Show Equity to All checkbox to make the Equity chart available for public view.
  • Select the Show Currencies to All checkbox to make the Summary tab in the Advanced Statistics of the account available for public view.
  • Select the Show Statements to All checkbox to make the Statements tab in the Advanced Statistics of the account available for public view.
  • Select the Show Net Assignment to All checkbox to make all Assignment/Revocation operations of the account available for public view.
  • Select the Allow Follower Offers checkbox to enable making the Follower Offers.
  • Select the Import Trading History to upload the history of trades from another account. Account equity, gain, drawdown and other PAMM account statistics will be calculated and displayed on performance charts as if trading has been done in the PAMM account from the start.
  • Trading Account — select one of the available trading accounts. Broker reserves the right to determine which trading accounts can and cannot be imported.
  • Myfxbook Account — enter a private link to your Myfxbook account.To import trading history from Myfxbook, please, do the following:

1. Mark your Myfxbook account as private.

2. Create a private link.

3. Copy the private link into the Myfxbook Account field.

After import has been completed, you can delete the private link and make your Myfxbook account public again.

Important! Your PAMM account must be denominated in the same currency as the trading account, from which you are going to import history.

Important! Before you start trading, wait until your trading history has been fully imported. You will receive an e-mail message to notify you that import has been completed.

3. Read and accept the PAMM Account Service Regulations document.

4. Click Create.

5. To manage a created account click on the Account name and use the Master menu (for more information, see Master menu).



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