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Offer Parameters – Explained

Performance Fee (0-100%)

The percent paid from the Follower’s profit to Master while the profit is being distributed at the end of the Trading Interval. It is paid only if the profit exceeds Minimum Performance Constraint.

Master Commission (0-100%)

Annual fee paid by the Follower accounts to the Master for funds management. It is calculated daily as a percentage of Current Follower Balance during rollover. So every day 1/260 of an annual Master Commission is paid to the Master (260 is the average number of trading days per year).

Minimum Performance Constraint (0-100%)

The profit threshold that the Master declares to receive Performance Fee after.

Assignment Commission (0-100%)

The initial down payment set by the master as a condition for joining the offer.

Early Revocation Penalty (0-100%)

The penalty for revoking Follower investment earlier than trading interval’s end.

Initial Assignment

The minimum amount for a Follower to join an offer by a Master. It is transferred to PAMM Account.

Follower Top-Up Minimum

The minimum amount for a Follower to assign extra funds into PAMM account.

Follower Balance Minimal

The minimum amount that has to be left on a Follower’s account in case of a revocation request.



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