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Introducing brokers introduce clients to GKFX Prime and earn trading bonuses. Every time a customer recommends trading with GKFX Prime, you will receive withdrawals.


Create your own partners' network, guide them through the Forex markets, and earn your reward with GKFX Prime! The IB system offers a flexible and attractive withdrawal program. Our withdrawal program becomes more attractive with the increase in its clients' operations volumes. The higher the volume, the higher the withdrawals!

Increased Revenue

Every trade by your
clients will upgrade
your monthly earnings

Material Support

Get design & creative
support, free research
& analysis tools

Multi levels

Earn more rebates
when your client
becomes an IB too

Dedicated Manager

support from our
regional offices

Full Access

Monitor rebates and
account movements
via IB panel


Customize your rebate
schedule and your
trade instruments


We have developed the IB loyalty program for our new partners. The loyalty program has an incremental rebate calculation method based on the trade volume and FX & metal pair of your accounts. To fairly distribute the rebate amongst the different layers of the IB organization, the rebate is shared between the Master and Sub IB up to 6 different layers depending on the organization.


Each month IB Partner achieves ranking rate calculated on four inputs: i.Account Type ii. Lot volume iii. Lot Symbols iv. IB Hierarchy level and the rebate is credited to IB account in the following month. Our ranks vary between Bronze to VIP. The more trading volume your account reach more reward you will receive. For more details on the mechanism please refer to our T & C here.


Open your live account now. Once you log in, select the Partnership section, confirm the IB agreement, and start your new IB journey.

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