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Dollar slides before Presidential debate

The US dollar retreated while bank stocks led a rebound across stock markets in the lead up to the first Presidential debate as Donald Trump again gets accused of avoiding taxes. Dissent among ECB policymakers added to euro-gains.

Nikola -50% in last week!!

The selling pressure eased up on Friday but it was another down week. US stocks have dropped for the last 4 weeks. EV maker Nikola is under the spotlight for possible fraud while the US dollar is back in favour amid the risk-off mood.

28 September 2020

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Euro STOXX 50 falls to 3-month low

There was some relief to the risk-off mood on Thursday with reversals across the board. The dollar dropped, major FX and gold gained while tech stocks recovered alongside Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies got an extra boost from talks of European regulation.

25 September 2020

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GBP, AUD, Gold 2-month low

The US dollar breakout gathered momentum while the Kiwi dollar turned lower after a dovish RBNZ meeting. The sell-off in tech stocks accelerated as Tesla dropped 9%.

24 September 2020

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How did the past week affect the Forex markets? Highlights, breaking points and lessons to get from
last week’s trades… What can traders expect from the next week? Major events, opportunities and
more in Weekly Market Analysis videos!

Market Analysis: September 29

BIG TEST at 0.70 for AUD/USD!


The US election is five weeks away and political uncertainty is already setting in. Tuesday this week is a big one on the election calendar as Donald Trump debates Joe Biden. I discuss what effect it could have on markets and rundown the week’s economic calendar. Thanks! Rich

28 September 2020

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Market Analysis: September 22

BIG Breakdown in USD/JPY

22 September 2020

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The Chinese yuan just had its best month against the US dollar (USD/CNH) since records began in 1981. I discuss whether there is more strength to come – and also rundown the economic calendar for this week. Thanks! Rich

21 September 2020

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Is Forex trading related to news?

Yes, definitely. Forex markets are decentralized. There is no entity regulating the market. Therefore, Forex traders follow the economy and global news closely so that they can foresee potential price changes. An upcoming election, yearly unemployment statistics or interest rate updates will definitely have an impact on currencies.

Is the Market Research section free?

Yes, it is and always will be 100% free. GKFX Prime will constantly provide you top analysis from unbiased and verified sources so that you can trade better.

Where do you get Market Analysis?

Our feed is composed of a selection of the output from major news outlets worldwide. We carefully filter out irrelevant news articles and focus on the updates that are likely to influence the markets so that you don’t get caught off-guard.

Where else can I get Market Analysis?

Top Forex trading signal services, Autochartist and Trading Central, provide GKFX Prime clients with daily analysis and latest updates. Contact your Account Manager to subscribe to these