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Daily Articles About Energy

Tesla shares +40% this month!!

Good Morning. Shares of Tesla erased a 4% daily gain to turn lower but they are still up a jaw-dropping 40% this month. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 touched another record high.

Reddit silver squeeze is on!

Retail traders on the Reddit chat room WallStreetBets continue to target a short squeeze in silver. The precious metal gapped 8% higher on Sunday’s open. USD/JPY has reached a 2-month high. The Dow had its worst week since October.

Storm pushes oil to 5-month high

Good Morning. Hurricane Laura approaching the gulf coast has caused the price of oil to hit a 5-month high, while the Dow Jones dropped as Exxon Mobil was dropped in an index reshuffle. Today there are US durable goods data and PetroChina earnings.

OPEC Meeting Today

OPEC meets today and Tuesday to decide oil quotas after a giant monthly gain for the price of oil. The S&P 500 finished at a record high on Friday, while the Dow is set for its best monthly return since 1987.

AUD/USD drops on ZIRP talk

Global markets have swung lower again at the start of the week as a deadline for US stimulus neared. The Aussie dollar was a top FX decliner after the RBA revealed it is considering zero-interest rates policy (ZIRP).

Dow Jones record high after Pfizer vaccine Results

News from Pfizer that its vaccine was 90% effective on top of the declaration of Joe Biden as US president by US news media saw stock markets take off. The Dow hit a record high while the US dollar surged back from 2-month lows.


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