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Making deposits and withdrawals is smooth and easy with GKFX Prime

We offer numerous deposit methods for an easier trading experience. Your credit card will usually be enough
to start trading with GKFX Prime. Alternatively, you can also use bank transfer or certain e-wallet payment methods.


The quickest method… GKFX Prime
accepts all major credit cards to
deposit funds easily.



Wire funds directly from your bank
account to ours. You can find
details after your login.



An alternate method for Neteller or
Skrill users for secure and fast
payment transfer


Once you start trading, your deposited amount can be used as margin trading in the financial markets. You can withdraw your
profits or get back your initial investment anytime you want.

Please note that all open trade positions must be closed and settled before requesting a withdrawal. Your funds are safe with
GKFX Prime. Retail clients are insured up to $3,5 M and securely held until we receive your withdrawal request.

Withdrawing your money from your GKFX Prime account is just as easy too! Credit cards are still the most convenient method.
Your alternate method for withdrawing your funds is to use the bank transfer method.


GKFX Prime returns funds directly
to your credit card if you used it to
deposit. If multiple sources were
used, you can state your reference.



In case your card is blocked or
unavailable, we send the payment
to your bank account. Just send us
your account information!



Can I use someone else’s credit card or bank account for deposit/withdrawal?

No. The credit card or the bank account must belong to you. Contact us for special cases.

How do I withdraw my money?

You can request a payment back anytime you want. Requests are processed daily by our accounts department. Withdrawals are sent back to the deposit source (e.g. your credit card). If this option is unavailable, we will return funds to your bank account.

How will I know about charged costs?

We will inform you about any and all costs associated with deposit or withdrawal transactions, when/if they occur. GKFX Prime does not charge any fees or commissions for deposit or withdrawal. Such fees are charged by banks or by payment service providers.

Is there an additional charge for credit card deposits?

Credit card deposits may cause minor additional charges due to exchange rate differences. Make sure your account on GKFX Prime and your bank account associated with your credit card are using the same currency. Please consult your bank for the most accurate information.

My credit card was declined when I tried to deposit. What can I do?

Please send us the requested documents at to get your card whitelisted:
1) Front and back of the credit card - blocking the middle 6 digits and CVV
2) Front and back of the ID

What is the best method for deposit?

Using a credit card is by far the most convenient way to deposit into your account. Bank wires may take some time to process due to its nature. GKFX Prime reflects deposits to your account balance, as soon as your payment arrives.

Which credit cards are accepted for deposit?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards for direct payments. If you are using E-Wallet method to deposit, the service you use (Neteller or Skrill) might have a specific preference for credit card type.


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