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Sometimes all it takes is a flicker of inspiration. Follow the beacon lit by experts.
GKFX Prime offers two top-level Forex trading signal and analysis services for free so that you can get
inspired! Take advantage of our free Forex signals and expert analysis. Seize the market opportunities!

Get the latest market snapshot and recommendations from independent Forex experts!


An award-winning technical analysis and research team. Trading Central
provides real-time market research with 10 updates per product every day.

Key features

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Constant coverage of the market
  • Integrated into MyGKFXPrime area
  • Coverage Includes: Forex, S&P, DJI30, Nasdaq, Gold and Oil


Web portal and MetaTrader plugin that provide automated reports and alerts
every day. Autochartist can be integrated into your MT as indicators.

Key features

  • Easy access
  • Suitable for all levels of traders
  • Constant market scan
  • Performance & volatility analysis


Are Forex signals free?

There are both free and paid Forex signals available in the market. As in all services, you get what you pay for. Expert Forex traders and analysis teams do not share their professional opinions for free. If you find free Forex signals on the internet, promising you immediate success, usually it is best to avoid them altogether.

On GKFX Prime, you get to access top Forex signal services for free: because we pay for this service instead of you. Both Autochartist and Trading Central are expert forex signal providers and you will get this premium service simply by being a GKFX Prime client – no charge! Enjoy!

Can I use my own signal providers with a GKFX Prime account?

Yes, you can add any 3rd party Forex signal services to your MetaTrader platform. But using such services is entirely the trader’s responsibility. Please exercise caution when getting trading tips. Your capital is at risk when trading CFDs and you should not trust just any advice, branded as FX signals. Please always do your own research and look for independent, professional analysis providers.

How to use Forex signals

Usually in a forex signal service, the programmer creates a set of technical indicators and rules then the program runs to those specifications. When certain conditions are matched, the algorithm advises the programmer accordingly: now is a good time to enter the market and buy/sell XYZ currencies. But this is an oversimplification as there are many more criteria to keep in mind when trading.

Ultimately the decision is up to the trader, meaning you. The signals can reach subscribers via several methods. But the timing is essential, so they are usually sent via email, website, SMS, RSS, tweet or other similarly quick methods.

What is a Forex signal?

Traders often look for clues and tips about currency pairs to decide if it is a good time to enter Forex market. Experienced traders, researchers or sometimes algorithms provide such suggestions. This service is called Forex signals.

Who provides Forex signals?

Experienced traders, research teams and automated algorithms are sources of Forex signals. Experts usually charge clients for signal services though some are provided for free. Any trader can buy or subscribe to a Forex signal. GKFX Prime offers two top tier signal services to customers for free: Autochartist and Trading Central.


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