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Professionals need the best tools for perfect results. At GKFX Prime, you will find top-notch charts,
analysis tools and all the software you need to boost your trading experience.


Forex markets (like other CFDs) are volatile and fast-paced environments. Because online trading is a vast and
highly competitive industry. It gets more and more complex every day as all traders and brokers strive to
improve their trading and get the best results.

As the markets shift day and night, more and more traders start relying on refined information and brief
summaries provided by analysis tools and add-ons. Therefore, keeping track of markets and the latest
updates is essential.

With global know-how and expertise, GKFX Prime simplifies this process and offers cutting-edge tools for all
your needs. Every algorithm, Expert Advisor, or any other automated trading solution you need, GKFX Prime
offers them to you so that you can trade with the edge you deserve.


Your HQ is designed for a perfect trading experience. All the widgets, tools, and applications you need are accessible with a single login!

Access your WebTrader and account information directly from a smooth interface. Deposit & withdraw your funds anywhere and anytime you want. You can even use our mobile app to manage your accounts and funds on the go!


CFD trading (and especially Forex) is all about market sentiment and major economic events! Planning your successful strategy depends heavily on the economic forecast by industry experts.

With GKFX Prime, you will never get caught unprepared. Check our Economic Calendar regularly to see what is expected from the markets in the foreseeable future and prepare yourself and your trading positions in advance.


MetaTrader 4 is a phenomenal trading platform, but we wanted to make it even better… MT4 Booster Pack is GKFX Prime’s master touch to an already amazing platform…

The pack contains nine additional tools to enhance and improve your trading experience. Add-ons are easy to install and even easier to use: download and integrate into your existing MetaTrader 4 platform quickly.


Trade automation just got simpler! Tradeworks is an efficient automated FX trading system with a simple yet powerful design.

Traders of all levels will enjoy the performance provided by Tradeworks while forming strategies from scratch in minutes! Design, optimize and automate your trades with data-driven results and back-test before trading live.


How much margin do you need to keep a position open?
What will be your profit return at the end of your trading interval? What is the latest currency conversion rate on our platforms?

All these questions and more can be answered using our simple calculator and convertor tools provided to all GKFX Prime clients, free of charge.


The best way to keep track of your accounts. Get notifications
and access your dashboard anytime!

Open a live or demo account, make secure deposits, or get the latest
market updates for free!