Our products are traded on margin and carry a high degree of risk. Losses can exceed your initial deposit. *Terms and Conditions Apply


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Tại cty GKFX Prime, chúng tôi muốn đào tạo cho khách hàng về tất cả khía cạnh của việc giao dịch Ngoại hối. Với hệ thống hỗ trợ toàn cầu, cty chúng tôi sẽ trả lời được tất cả câu hỏi của khách hàng.


    Hãy xem và học từ các chuyên gia forex. Học forex đã trở nên dễ hơn và nhanh
    hơn với video của GKFX Prime. Các video được thiết kế để cung cấp môi trường
    giao dịch tốt nhất.


    Hội thảo miễn phí được thiết kế cho khách hàng dựa theo các công cụ giao
    dịch và cơ hội. Bạn sẽ có cơ hội để hỏi đáp trực tuyến.


    Cty cung cấp tất cả các thông tin mà khách hàng cần để giao dịch. Từ những
    câu hỏi thường gặp trong sách, chúng tôi muốn trả lời tốt hơn đối với
    câu hỏi cảu khách hàng.


Privacy Policy

Trading on margin carries a high level of risk to your capital, and you can lose more than your initial deposit. Please view our full risk warning before opening an account with us.

  • You understand that you will be providing us with personal information that we will use to open, administer and maintain your account with us.
  • We undertake not to sell or pass on your personal information to any third parties except to those that we need to in relation to the normal operation of our business. These include credit card processing and verification centres, law enforcement agencies, any financial or other regulators, our auditors and your compliance officer (if you are, or your firm is, FCA regulated), and introducing brokers that we may have a business agreement with.
  • However we may pass your information on to other companies within our group that we feel may be able to provide a service to you.
  • We may also use Google Analytics Advertising Features which allows GKFX to collect information on our website visitor demographics. You may opt out of this by contacting Google at any time.
  • We may provide personal details to other margin trading firms who are seeking a reference, however this would not include details of any open positions.
  • We obtain most of the information about our clients directly from them, but we reserve the right to obtain information from other sources such as credit reference agencies, the Electoral Register, or fraud prevention agencies.
  • We may use the information we have to help us provide a better service or new products to you and our other clients via direct or indirect marketing.
  • All staff at GKFX are fully trained in the confidentiality of handling personal information.
  • All personal information held by us is done so in secure computer based storage facilities wherever possible. Otherwise we hold the information in secure paper-based files. No unauthorised persons are able to gain access to these storage facilities.
  • The GKFX website uses Social Plugins which may be notified of the fact that your browser is viewing our website and this information may also include your IP address. If you do not want this information shared then you should ensure you are logged out of your social media accounts prior to viewing our website.
  • Our website may install cookies on your computer so that we can better serve your requirements by knowing what areas of our website you have been looking at and speeding your navigation. You have the option of turning this function off via your computer settings if you wish, although this may affect your ability to view other parts of the website.
  • While we make every effort to ensure all the information we hold is correct and up to date, it is your responsibility to furnish us with any changes in your personal information.
  • You have the right under Data Protection Act of 1998 to request a copy of the information that we hold about you so that you may advise us of any inaccuracies. To do so you must write to us requesting this information and providing verification of your identity. We may make a small charge to cover our costs and will advise you of this before we send you a copy of the information. This whole process can take up to 40 days, pursuant to the Data Protection Act.
  • Users who wish to no longer receive our newsletter or promotional emails may click on a link named “Unsubscribe” any time without charge (not taking into account internet provision costs) which is embedded with every email sent by GKFX in order to not receive future messages.
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$300 Cash Back Offer

$300 Cash Back Offer

$300 Cash Back OfferTerms and Conditions of Introductory Offer

  • This promotion will run until 01/01/2017.Terms and Conditions run in conjunction with our full Terms ofBusiness.
  • This offer is only applicable to new direct applicants that have not held a previous account with usand is subject to status. This offer will not apply to VIP accounts.
  • This offer will commence from the moment an account is opened, and only applies to Live accountsand not Demo accounts.
  • This offer runs for one calendar month from when the account is opened by us. No trades opened after this date or any trades that are left open from prior to this date are applicable to this offer.
  • This offer applies to all trades (closed only) which have made a profit or loss, during the period of this offer. The total of these profits and losses added together give the total net loss.
  • You must call the trading desk or email payments@gkfx.com to claim you cash refund within a weekof this offer ending.
  • Refunds will usually be credited to your account within 24hrs of a request being made, subject toapproval.
  • You may make your claim once, at any time during the offer period. Once you have claimed any refundup to the permitted maximum of €/£/$300 you may not make any more claims.
  • GKFX Financial Services Ltd will not be liable for any losses occurred over and above theamount mentioned in our offer.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer that GKFX Financial Services Ltd maybe running including Refer a Friend.
  • No members of staff, or their relatives, of GKFX Financial Services Ltd or any associated company,may take part in this promotion.This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer that GKFX Financial Services Ltd maybe running including Refer a Friend.
  • GKFX Financial Services Ltd reserves the right to withhold any payment if it believes that some form of collusion has occurred.
  • The offer is limited to one per household and one per person, even if they have multiple accounts.
  • GKFX Financial Services Ltd reserves the right to amend, cancel or restrict this offer to any applicantor customer.
  • All applicants must be 18 years old or over, subject to our usual Terms of Business.
  • GKFX Financial Services Ltd decision is final.
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